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The "Keith Larson Show" podcast will be posting occasionally during Sumer, 2018 and return for a new season in September. Stay-tuned to, Keith Larson Page on Facebook, and @ClubLAMA on Twitter for updates!
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Jul 24, 2017

"My News" - 81% Americans 'Very Concerned' About the Country. Hurricanes Hillary and Don.

Chained Dog Chokes self to Death trying to reach Shade and Water

WBTV's Molly Grantham - Objective Local News in Taking Sides Era? Michael Phelps wore a Mermaid Tail.

Summer Gold - Motown Week!

"Bro-Sectomies" and "Girls are Different" on The Bachelorette

Jul 21, 2017

"The Week That Was" - Gettleman, O.J. and Hurney, Oh My.

"My News" - Trump Supporters Worried. No Drilling of Our Coast. "The Fat Cats"

Talking with Charlie Daniels.

"Second-Born are the TroubleMakers"



Jul 20, 2017

"My News" - Trump on McCain, and Spanking Sessions. Farewell Mr. Bowers. Family Kicked Off Plane for kicking Kid.

Jake Delhomme, former Panther - Candid talk about Panthers, Gettleman, Hurney, Jordan Gross, Josh Norman and More.

Jul 19, 2017

"My News" - Carolina Panthers Hire-Back Marty Hurney. Trump Washes his Hands. OJ's "Big Story"??

Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer - on Panthers-Hurney

Kevin Donnalley, Former Panther - on Panthers-Hurney

Summer Gold!

Jul 18, 2017

My News - Panthers Dave Gettleman Swirl. Trump's New Visas. O.J. on the Loose?

Sharon Thorsland on Panthers, Dave Gentleman, The Big Cat

Summer Gold!

Jul 17, 2017

LIVE When Panthers Announced Firing of General Manager Dave Gettleman

Also "My News," Ladies' Pro gold Attire, The Bachelorette & Summer Gold!

Jul 14, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It

Update on Wrongly Executed Dog in Anson County

WBTV's Molly Grantham

Jul 13, 2017

My News: $2.1 Billion Carolina Panthers Still Take Taxpayer $. Trump Geniusry. Jeff Sessions Geniusry.

Poking the Panthers

Rescue Woman who Tried to Save "Shayla" the Wrongly Executed Dog

Donnie Wahlberg's $2,000 Waffle House Tip - and Selfie Post

Summer Gold!


Jul 12, 2017

"My News" - Latest Trump Swirl. Have a Bloody Mary. New Way to Be a Saint

Wrong Dog, Wrongly Executed, in Anson County NC

Today's Observer Column, "The Seventh Inning Stretch We Need"

Tasty Summer Gold!

Jul 11, 2017

My News - Fredo's Emails. Michael Jordan Buying Baseballs? National Nekked Week.

On Donald Trump Junior's emails, Kool-Aid and Kontortions.

Nance Needs to Start Drinking Coffee.

Summer Gold!

Jul 10, 2017

"My News" - Fredo Trump Does it Again. HeraldOnline Proves me Right. WienerMobile!

Summer Gold with a Twist

Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer - Cam Newton vs. Dwight Howard, and How Much Money Steph Curry and Greg Olsen should make.

Jul 7, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News

North Charleston Mayor's Blasphemy: GuvCo Can't Raise Your Kids

What's Wrong with Steph Curry and Donald Trump Making a Buck?

Jul 6, 2017

My News: Fried Chicken Day? Money Madness at Charlotte Schools? Trump in Europe.

Nekked PETA Chicks want to Stop the Running of the Bulls.

Summer Gold!


Jul 5, 2017

My News - Gerry V. on ESPN Charlotte. Trump's Twitter Lesson. Gorging on Hot Dogs.

"Will Charlotte Pay-Up to Spiff-Up Spectrum Center for Hornets?" You Bet!

Remembering Squints, and All-Day Baseball.

Jun 30, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Trump Twitterin' and North Carolina Moonshinin'

WBTV's Molly Grantham - Watch out for Scam CBD Oil Marketers

Jun 29, 2017

My News: Today's Secret (Trump Tweets) Word. Steve Smith Not a Panther. Facebook World, Get a Life.

Will Donald Trump Ever Act Like the Adult in the Room?

Shannon Bream, Chief Legal Correspondent, Fox News Channel.

Why should Steve Smith "Retire" as a Panther?

Summer Gold

Jun 28, 2017

My News: Trump's Fake Time Mag Covers. CMPD Shooting Qs. SC's Largest Baby?

"The Mere Act of Disobeying a Police Officer is Not a Death Sentence...But..."

Chelsea from Mud Facial Bar - The Breast Milk Facials.

Summer Gold!

Jun 27, 2017

My News. Teens Doing Drugs?? Mayor Roberts "Interesting?" Minimum Wage - Bad??

Snake Update. "Breast Milk Facial" Update.

Rich Lowry, National Review - Trump's Madness. Left's Madness. Breast Milk Madness

Summer Gold & High School Lockers

Jun 26, 2017

My News - Supreme Court Decisions. Murder in Charlotte. Praying on the Airplane.

The Snake.

Jake Delhomme from the Beach on Greg Olsen, Panthers, and More.

"Unconventional Breast Milk Facials"

Summer Gold

Jun 23, 2017

"The Week That Was." My News: No Tapes. Sunday Drinking. Honoring a Rock Hill Vietnam Veteran.

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania? Is Bill Cosby Serious?

"Road Kill Genius" Sam Craft - NC Wildlife Commission.


Jun 22, 2017

My News: Teens Lying about Sex? Read the Health Care Bill? "Truth in Wood"??

Cranking Summer Gold

Eating the Road Kill

Shari Law in North Carolina

"Political Gopher" Fred Grandy

Jun 21, 2017

My News - Murders in Charlotte. Trading for Dwight Howard (Or Chief Rodney). Man Bun on Ken is Okay.

Greg Olsen Making Trouble for The Panthers? Yes! With Bobby Rosinski.

"Apocalyptic Rock and Roll Will Never Die"

Why Lena Dunham Naked ? TV Updates.

Jun 20, 2017

My News - The "Political Rhetoric" is Too Hot?? Biting-est Animals? Stripper Settlement.

No Packers Jerseys at Soldier Field - What about BofA Stadium?

Walter E. Williams - "The Slants" and "The Redskins." Saving Kids from SmartPhones.

Super Summer Gold

Jun 19, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It. Sorry, Fathers.

Supreme Court Decides with "The Slants" (And "Redskins").

"Parents Against Underage Smartphones"

Fine "Summer Gold"

Jun 16, 2017

"The Week That Was."

"My News" - What Armed Citizens can Do. Trump Tweets. Why we have Problems.

"Somewhere Out There" Cutter-and-Runner Special Report

Bill Cosby says "Hey Hey HEY"??

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