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The "Keith Larson Show" airs Live Monday-Friday at Noon ET on, and other outlets, and streams 24/7. It is also now carried on ESPN Radio Charlotte (730AM 97.5FM) . The show features "My News and You Are Welcome To It" and is Larson's daily riff through the politics, people, and absurdities of life. It's a Poke in the Eye where ever it's deserved, talking with some friends, taking some calls, and Just having Fun.
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Jan 16, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers?? President Trump Slept In this Morning. Best Baseball Movie Ever.

On Discovering the Original 1969 Mustang "Bullit" Movie Car

Victoria Gonzalez, My Favorite Marxist One-Percenter Capitalist Pig Immigration Attorney. On the President and Oprah and More.

Oh Happy Day.

Jan 15, 2018

My News and You Are Welcome To It - The Sound of (Vikings) Victory. Donald Trump Tweets Quotes on King Day. Martin Luther King Junior was a Troublemaker. In the Best Ways.

Jake Delhomme, former Panthers QB on the Vikings win over the Saints and Panthers new Offensive Coordinator.

Birthday Visit to Ride Child Klaire Benge.

Jan 12, 2018

"The Week That Was"

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - The Queen Fires her Bra-Fitter.  President Trump goes Sh*tHole. No Steering Wheels in the New Chevy Bolt.

Talking Trump Geniusry, Bra-Fitting, NFL Ratings and Super Bowl Ad Sales. 

Comments on This Week's Charlotte Observer column.

Jan 11, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - The Emperor and Marquise of Brutonia Want-In on the Panthers. "Old Sparky" In SC. Gastonia Pawn Shop Creates a Marching Band.

What Bruton Smith Last told us about The Panthers.

Tom Sorensen, Charlotte Observer, On Jerry Richardson, The Panthers, and Marty Hurney.

Jan 10, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Michael Douglass Denies "Engaging" Himself. Bannon gets the Boot. The Dalai LAMA isn't coming to NC.

On Michael Douglass and "Me Too." On today's column "Oprah versus Real Donald"

Lauri Eberhart - Apollo Sports and Entertainment Group, on Selling the Panthers, And Oprah.

Jan 9, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Alabama Does the Dawgs. Oprah!! How to Not to End Up on the Front Page Getting Swept by the Saints.

Panthers Fire Two Coaches

The Conversation with Marty Hurney that Happened and Didn't Happen.


Jan 8, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" Panthers Lost and are now Officially for Sale. Ted Ginn Junior - "Dagger" for Sure. And, Oprah.

Talking Oprah, and Trump.

Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Saints, Marty Hurney, and MoneyBall Gentleman.

Talking Jake, Hurney, and the Munchies Meal at Jack in the Box.

Jan 5, 2018

"The Week That Was"

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Prepping to Buy the Panthers? Donald "Book Marketing Genius" Trump. How to Keep Feeling Young.

Local Panthers' "Buyers" Are Dreaming.

Jake Delhomme Picks Panthers-Saints

Jan 4, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Brian France Buying the Panthers?

A New Addition in Our House and her Name Is -

Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, Liberty and Common Sense.

The Things Donald Trump Doesn't Want Published in that New Book

Jan 3, 2018

"My News and You Are Welcome To It"

Who Can be "Confident" in a Panthers Win Sunday?

Major Announcement

"Trends Genius" Gerald Celente

"The Vacation Pick-up - Don't 'Downsize'"