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Nov 15, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Another Double-Lottery Winner. The Heat is On Moses Moore. A New Logo for Charlotte.

The Hosing of Taxpayers Continues at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Papa John's Takes it All Back.

Meet the New Logo - Same as the Old Logo

Nov 14, 2017

My News - Big Win for The Panthers but Jay Cutler needs to Pee in a Cup. Judge Roy uses Weinstein Moore. The Flat Earth Conference.

Choose Your News with Producer to Whom

The "Timing" of Roy Weinstein Moore's Accusers

Jake Delhomme on the Panthers big win over the Dolphins - and a Big Game looming in New Orleans.



Nov 13, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - A Private Plane for Life? There Goes da Judge? Choosing "The Light" in Sutherland Springs.

LIVE "On the Road" Show Friday for Charlotte Mechanical-Crisis Assistance Ministry Coat Drive.

Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Dolphins, Monday Night Football - and a Guy Named Suh.

Not so Many Protests in the NFL.

Nov 10, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Roy Moore only knows what's "Right" For Roy Moore. Trump in Vietnam, Finally. WooHoo! Day for Charlotte.

The Daughter who Married her Mother.

Molly Grantham, WBTV - Ten Years since Kyle Fleishmann Disappeared. 

Saluting Veterans and Remembering Richard Warren (And his Coffee Shop).

Nov 9, 2017

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - Dumping the Star Spangled Banner? Man Shot for "Not Doing It Right?" Dead Man Elected.

About the Man Shot for "Not Doing It Right"...

Dumping the Banner?

Games People Play with Tragedies.

Ray Charles

Nov 8, 2017

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" - No More Republican Mayors in Charlotte. Trump's Short Coattails. Rich Flair is a Pig.

Lisa Guerrero, Monday Night Football and Inside Edition, on NFL Kneelers and Ratings, Being "Harvey Weinsteined," and Interviewing Mark Cuban.

Major Announcement! (Well, Kind of Major).

Nov 7, 2017

"My News" - Fired for a Flip-Off. The Sutherland Springs Shooter Shouldn't have Had the Guns. Election Day.

Talking Sutherland Springs.

Talking Scamming Professional Fundraisers

Nov 6, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It: Shooting in Sutherland Springs and the Latest Swirl. Charlotte Doesn't Make the List. The End of the World.

Jake Delhomme, Former Panther QB on Panthers-Saints, and Cam.

Talking Sutherland Springs. And Losing an Hour while Gaining it.

Nov 3, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It

Jake Delhomme Talks Panthers-Falcons, Kelvin Benjamin Trade - and Papa Johns.

The Charlotte "Amazon Pitch" Video

Nov 2, 2017

My News - World Series Over in Second Inning. NFL Killing Papa John's? Herpes from Lipstick?

Talking Herpes from Lipstick.

Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University, talking "Fair Wages," Tax Cuts - And "The Brothers" and Viagra.

NFL Kneelers Killing Papa John's? Or is Papa John Creepy?


Nov 1, 2017

My News - Terror in New York. Kelvin Benjamin Trade No Mystery. A Baby Born on Halloween Named...

Fred Grandy, "Political Gopher" - on Hollywood and "Harvey Weinstein," Teflon Trump - and Being "Too White."


Oct 31, 2017

My News - Trump's Rough Night. Walter White Defends the Prez. A Lesson for Donald, from China.

Harvey Weinstein, "Savior?"

Molly Grantham, WBTV News - On her New Book "Small Victories"

Warren Zevon and CCR Tunage

Oct 30, 2017

My News - Crazy World Series. Panthers Win Ugly. Former Campaign Manager Indicted but Trump's a Honey Badger.

Getting Screwed by QuickBooks

"Jake's Take" On Panthers-Buccaneers, Kickers - and Why he's Not on Twitter with former Panther QB Jake Delhomme.

Kevin Spacey's Spacey Apology.

Oct 27, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It

"Choose Your News - The Poop Story"

Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Bucs, the Hit on Joe Flacco -- and Cam Newton.

When is it Okay to be a "Dirty Old Man"

Oct 27, 2017

Keith talks with Jake Delhomme about  the Hit on Joe Flacco, Panthers-Bucs -- and Cam Newton.

Oct 26, 2017

My News - Astros-Dodgers Classic. George H-W Bush says "Cop-A-Feel." The Problem is Cam.

Talking Cam Newton's Latest Tantrum.

New Twitter Attacks on Jourdan Rodrigue. Why Aren't Panthers/Observer addressing?

George H-W Bush gets a "Little Old Man Pass?" When does that kick in?

Oct 25, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Jourdan Rodrigue Back on Twitter. Flake Thumps Trump. World Class City Day in Charlotte.

On The World Series, Clayton Kershaw, Bob Gibson, Fergie Jenkins.

Follow-up From Wednesday: Jourdan, Cam, Vashti Hurt, The Mob - and Social Change.

Oct 24, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Melania ought to have a talk with Donald. New College Major in Marijuana. World Series Not for Kids.

Vashti Hurt, founder-publisher of - on The Matter of Jourdan Rodrigue, Cam Newton, and the Mob after her Job.

Oct 23, 2017

My News - Justin Timberlake Back to Super Bowl but Not the Panthers. Trump Tweeting a Storm. Jourdan Rodrigue Back in the Observer.

The Kennedy Assassination Files.

Jake's Take on Panthers-Bears with Former Panther QB Jake Delhomme.

What "Utensil" Did she Stab him With?

Oct 20, 2017

"The Week That Was" 

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Jourdan Rodrigue is Back at Work but Cam Newton's Not at his Press Conferences. Great Time to See Uranus. George W. Bush Says it All Without Saying It.

Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Bears and his Fantasy QB picks.

Callers on Jourdan Rodrigue and Cam Newton.

Oct 19, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Baseball the National Past Time Again? Trump's Latest. Paddleboarding with your Chicken.

Best Band from Each State.

Maybe THIS is what Trump Meant??

When are we Dead?

Oct 18, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Five year old Boy's Gravestone to be Returned. Trump Loses $600 Mil. David Letterman's Mission.

Joy Behar is an Idiot.

Katie Peralta - Charlotte is "Amazon Prime!!"


Oct 17, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - 5 year old's' Grave Marker Repossessed. Ex-President's Thump Trump. Sitting on the Flag.

Molly Grantham, WBTV - 5-year old Jake Leatherman's Grave Marker repossessed.

A Breakfast that Changed My Day.

Oct 16, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It ; Trump Played the NFL, now Hillary? Weinstein Company for Sale? Coffee in the Car?

Kevin Donnalley on Carolina Panthers Priorities: Run Game, Defense, McCaffrey. 

News about my "Adopted Grandma"

Thirty-years ago Today on the Fledgling Cable News Network: Baby Jessica.

Oct 13, 2017

"The Week That Was"

My News and You Are Welcome To It

Not Winning the Lottery and Hating Bucket Lists

Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Eagles, Luke Kuechley, and the NFL Network feature on him.

Political Gopher Fred Grandy on General Hospital??

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