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The Larson Page is the Podcast and Web home of Radio Guy, Writer, and Marketing Genius Keith Larson, and Nance - The @WifetoWhom. Cursor over the icons below for FREE LINKS to Listen to and Follow Everywhere!

May 31, 2020

Keith and Nance talk with professor, deacon, radio guy and friend, Ian Punnett.

Ian is the long-time weekend host of "Coast to Coast AM," the #1 overnight radio show in America. He's also been a talk radio personality in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Chicago. He is also an ordained Episcopalian deacon, and PhD Professor of...

May 25, 2020

In the End, it all made Sense...

Ann Coulter Busts Donald Trump AND The Talk Show Host Wing.

Keith's Hair Clip.

Mask Madness, Memorial. Day, American Ideals versus America -

And Johnny Cash.

May 18, 2020

Nance Learns the Sneaky Mating Habits of Frogs and Lightning Bugs.

The Genius of Fred Willard.

Fear and Loathing and Coronavirus Madness.



May 15, 2020

Keith talks with former SC Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford - one of the few Voices in the Wilderness on the insane level of U.S. National Debt, the Crash that's Coming, and the Irony that Donald Trump's actually Selling the U.S. to the Chinese.

Also, The Most Genius Declaration Yet from Donald Trump


May 11, 2020

Little Richard was the Real King.

White House Quarantine?

Nance Twitterin' with Larry the Cable Guy?

An Actual "Modern Day Lynching"

Major Chirp-o-Matic Update!