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The Larson Page is the Podcast and Web home of Radio Guy, Writer, and Marketing Genius Keith Larson, and Nance - The @WifetoWhom. Cursor over the icons below for FREE LINKS to Listen to and Follow Everywhere!

Aug 28, 2019

Keith talks with Fred Grandy and Ted Lange of "Love Boat" Fame - Fred of course a long-time Larson guest - about 70's and 80's TV, Hollywood then-and-now, and Launching their Own Podcast!

An excellent, perhaps surprising hour, with two really smart and funny guys. 

Jul 3, 2019

It's become a Fourth of July Classic - "The Sandlot." It captures boys and baseball and summer the way "A Christmas Story" captures boys and Christmas.

Patrick Renna is "Hamilton Porter III," the catcher,with some of the movies most iconic scenes and lines.

A terrific conversation on the movie's 25th Anniversary.

May 11, 2019

Keith sat down with former-Producer-to-Whom-Nance and History Chick Lauri Eberhart talking "The Larsonian Theorum," Bruton taking the Speedway Private, The Panthers Hosing GuvCo - and a Great re-Telling of Lauri's Classic Story of the Incredible Drunken Ride for Liberty of Charlotte's Captain James Jack!

Special podcast...

Feb 28, 2019

When Peter Tork died, I remembered him fondly from having been on the show a few times, including in-studio where he played a few tunes ("Pleasant Valley Sunday") and took some calls. He was a great guy. But I couldn't find a copy of the show.

Leave it to the Internet.

A podcaster and Monkees fan in Texas had my...

Jan 12, 2019

Bonus Episode: Free Chapter of "That Season of Hope" audiobook.

The 2019 NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend is huge in Carolina Panthers lore: It is the 15th Anniversary of the Panthers' double-overtime win in St. Louis over the heavily favored Rams, and the Jake Delhomme-to-Steve Smith "X-Clown" and "Elation" catch...