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Mar 16, 2017

My News - Extreme Vetting, Wiretapping, Obamacare, and Record NPR Ratings.

Molly Grantham on Brackets and a Two Little Girls' Hearts.

Fred Barnes of Fox News and the Weekly Standard on All Trump Swirl

"Thorsland" on Brackets.

Jerry Jeff Walker Tunes.

Feb 28, 2017

"My News" - The Tweeting Accountant. Trump's New Lines. Into Space - Alone??

Trump's New Clothe and The Bachelor's New Lows.

Jacob Sullum, Reason Magazine - Marijuana Madness

Feb 27, 2017

"My News" - Oscars Screw-Up. Daytona 500. Trump Approval. Adult Tooth Fairy.

Denise McAllister, writer for The Federalist - Being Conservative AND an Artist. C-PAC-a-Palooza. More.

Questions on the New Show Time.

Feb 24, 2017

"My News" - C-PACking. Border Patrolling. Obamacar-ing. Man Wearing Bras.

WBTV's Molly Grantham - Allergies. #MollysKids. "Buddies in Blue."

What is Truth, and Reince Priebus is Alfred.

Feb 23, 2017

"My News" - Trump & Transgender Bathrooms. HB2. Lap Dance when I'm 100.

New Time for the LIVE Show

Victoria Gonzalez - Immigration Madness and More.

Feb 22, 2017

"My News" - Heart Sinks over Erica Parsons Again. Trump. Tolbert. Tanner. Told Ya.

WBTV News Reporter David Whisenant Tells the Tragic Story of Erica Parsons.

North Carolina "Seceding"?? 

Feb 21, 2017

"My News" - "Trump Tweets Shed Light." "Milo is Too Far?" "Most Clogged City"

Mick Mulvaney - Prez Trum Director of Office of Management and Budget: What Will He Cut?"

No More "White Boards" At Michigan State and More Pot for Older Folk.

Feb 20, 2017

"My News" On Presidents Day. Trump and the Media. Dogs and Cats Okay on Drivers' Laps.

"The Expiration on the Baking Powder was WHAT?

Major Fun and Interesting with History Chick Lauri Eberhart on Presidents Day, Trump and the Media, Stock Car Racing - and the Nature of Boys and Men.

Feb 17, 2017

"My News" - Trump White House: In Command or Chaos. Franklin Graham: Hypocrite.

Thirteen Pounds of Horse Genitals

WBTV's Molly Grantham - Loves the Kids but Parenting's Annoying; Nasty FB Posts, Hail Mary Completed for Dalton Edwards!

Feb 16, 2017

"My News" - Trump Tweets. Don't Need No Stinking Unions. CLT Airport Animal Park

Fan Mail.

Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine - Finding Good in the Trump Swirl. GuvCo "Civil Asset Forfeiture"

Truth is What Agrees with Us.

Feb 15, 2017

"My News" - Prez Trump Hates Leaks? "White Privilege" Pins? Boy "American Girl" Doll?

Stephanie Macpherson od Darkness to Light on Actual Sources of Child Sexual Abuse

Walter E. Williams on Minimum Wage Madness, Trade Tariffs, and White Privilege

Jan 31, 2017

"My News" - Trump Out-Pacing Nixon. Mayor wants a Song. No "Senior Twister"

Marcus Smith - Clearly EXPECTS Charlotte to Pony-up Soccer Stadium $$.

Kevin Aldridge, A.M.E. Church Pastor and Assoc. Opinion Editor, Cincinnati Enquirer: "It's Not Trump - It's Us."

Jan 30, 2017

My News - Immigration Order Swirl. POTUS RT'ing Real Donald. No Refills in France.

Jake Delhomme - Talking Patriots-Falcons and Cardiac Cats' Super Bowl in Houston.

"Whose Leg Is It Anyway" Update - John Wood.

Why Won't Producer-to-Whom Confront Toad Aisle-Blocking Shoppers?

Jan 27, 2017

My News - Trump Thumped. Taxing Mexico. Charlotte: No to Soccer. Gettleman's Idea.

Importance of TV Theme Songs

Shannon Bream, Fox News Channel; Supreme Court Nominees & Catching Up.

Why People Don't Challenge their Own Jerseys

Jan 26, 2017

"My News" - Is Donald Trump Feeling Okay? About-Time Border Security. "MTM"

Scott Fowler - NASCAR's "Good Old Days" Are Gone - Get Over It.

Rich Lowry, National Review - A "Nation" Again - and Trump-Media Madness

Jan 25, 2017

My News - Twitterin' Trump Calling Out the Feds? $occer $wirl in CLT, Reading Orwell

Emails and Calls About Trump

NASCAR Guy Jeff Burton Explains the New "Enhancements"

Jan 24, 2017

"My News" - The (Alternative) Facts of Trump, NASCAR Changes, Ruth Samuelson.

"Spilled Coffee and Paper Cups"

CBD Oil Update: Abby Childers talks about Daughter Betheny

Calls on Big Pharma and Marijuana

Jan 23, 2017

My News - Worse than '68? Public Hearing on Soccer? Words from 1984

Jake Delhomme on the NFL Championships and Tom Brady's Snot Rockets

"Hope's Panther" Kevin Donnalley

The Avett Brothers from Stephen Colbert

Jan 20, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It - Inauguration Day Edition

Jake Delhomme on NFL Officiating and Championship Weekend Picks

Steve Harrison, Charlotte Observer - $100 mil for Major League Soccer in Charlotte

Vision Of and For the Country on Inauguration Day.

Jan 19, 2017

"My News and You Are Welcome To It" Nikki Haley Broke?

"Siri" and "Alexa"

Joe Marusak, Charlotte Observer, on Fake News guy Cameron Harris

Bob Seger's Song for Glenn Frey


Jan 18, 2017

My News - Chelsea Manning, Donald Trump, Kissing over your Cell Phone

Talking Showtime and Amazon Fire Sticks

Victoria Gonzales, "Native American Latina" Immigration Attorney

Jan 17, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It

Why Aren't We Back on the Moon?

History Chick Lauri Eberhart on BadAss Daniel Morgan and the Battle of Cowpens


Jan 16, 2017

My News and You Are Welcome To It

Jake Delhomme on NFL Playoffs and Aaron Rogers

Marty Hurney, former Panthers' GM, on NFL and Being a Media Mogul

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